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 Brrrgh info and more

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It's c-c-c-c-cold in The Brrrgh and is the home of Pluto, who seems unfazed by the cold. It's a very nice area to get around in and toon up

There are 3 streets leading from the Brrrgh; Polar Place, Walrus Way and Sleet Street. Look for the alleyway near Snowman's Land in Polar Place for a quick shortcut to the Lawbot HQ.

Here is where you work on tasks to get your last gag track, and it won't be easy. Also, when you finish all your missions in Donald's Dreamland, you will need to return here to get all the parts to your Lawbot suit.

Tasks of note:

Choosing Final Gag Track
The Brrgh starts off with a visit to everyone's favorite toon, Little Old Man (The Blizzard Wizard, Walrus Way)
You need to complete his tasks in order to start training for your new gag.

Defeat 10 Large cogs (Level 8+)
Return to Little Old Man
Fish for 3 fuzzy dice out of the pond
Return to Little Old Man
Take down 2 of the tallest cog buildings 4+ Floors (he rotates between the four cog types)
Return to Little Old Man
Choose the last gag track you will train for in ToonTown

+1 Laff Missions
Visit Chicken Boy (The Pea Soup Cafe, Sleet Street)
Recover a Soccer Ball stolen by the cogs (can be a variety of different cogs)
Deliver Soccer Ball to Chicken Boy

Visit Eddie the Yeti (Snowman's Land, Polar Place)
Defeat 90 Lawbots Anywhere
Return to Eddie the Yeti

Wynne Chill (Snowman Bought and Sold, Sleet Street)
Defeat 45 Bossbots anywhere
Return to Wynne
Defeat 45 Sellbots anywhere
Return to Wynne

Carry 120 jellybeans
Visit Vidalia VaVoom (Snow Bunny Ski Shop, Sleet Street)
Retrieve a love letter stolen by the cogs (Can be any of the 2nd to highest strongest cog)
Return to Vidalia
Deliver Love letter to Snooty Sinjin (St. Bernard Kennel Club, Walrus Way)
He refuses to take the letter till you find his dogs
Retrieve ten (10) stolen weiner dogs from the cogs (any cog, The Brrgh only)
Return dogs to Snooty
He asks you to go to see Creepy Carl (Ice House Jewlery, Walrus Way) to get a ring
Creepy Carl asks you to defeat 10 level 8+ cogs frist
Return to Creepy Carl
Take ring to Vidalia VaVoom

+2 Laff Mission
Visit Sweaty Pete (Heat-Get It while It's Hot, Sleet Street)
ToonTown is starting to smell because of Sweaty Pete, and he needs to take a shower.
He claims his shower is broken so he needs you to get a gear from Micromanagers
Return the gear to Pete
Fish for a Rubber Ducky
Return to Pete
Defeat five (5) cog buildings in The Brrgh
Return to Pete

Carry 4 ToonTasks
Visit March Harry (Snowshoes You Can't Refuse, Polar Place)
Defeat 30 Lawbots on Polar Place
Return to March
Go see Hysterical Harry (Snow Big Deal! Crisis Management, Walrus Way)
Retrieve two (2) Alibis from Legal Eagles
Return to March Harry


This mission features Hysterical Harry and you'll quickly see why he gets the name. You will hate Harry almost as much as Lil Oldman. The cogs you need to kill will vary, but they are all the 2nd ranked cogs (Corp Raider, Legal Eagle, Lone Shark, Mingler).

1st: Visit Snow Big Deal! Crisis Management (Hysterical Harry) [Walrus]
2nd: Defeat 10 2nd ranked cogs Anywhere (Return to Snow Big Deal!)
3rd: Defeat 10 2nd ranked cogs Anywhere (Return to Snow Big Deal!)
4th: Defeat 10 2nd ranked cogs Anywhere (Return to Snow Big Deal!)
5th: Visit Dropping Degrees Diner (Fanny Freezes) [Sleet]
6th: Go Fishing for 2 Sardine whiskers Anywhere (Return to Dropping Degrees Diner)
7th: Deliver Calming potion to Snow Big Deal! Crisis Management (Hysterical Harry) [Walrus]
8th: Defeat 5 2nd ranked cogs Anywhere (Return to Snow Big Deal!)

+3 Laff Mission
Visit the Lounge Lassard (Snowball Hall, Sleet Street)
He is missing some items for his concert tonight and you need to retireve them.
Retrieve a microphone from the cogs (any cog, anywhere)
Return to Lounge
Retrieve a keyboard from any of the 2nd strongest cogs
Return to Lounge
Retrieve Platform Shoes from the strongest cogs
Return to Lounge

50 gag Pouch
Visit Johnny Cashmer 9the Seater Lodge, Polar Place)
Retrieve yarn from Lawbots
Return to Johnny
Defeat 20 level 7+ cogs
Return to Johnny
Fish sewing needles out of the pond
Return to Johnny
Defeat 5 4+ story cog buildings


Visit Toboggan Ted (Toboggan or Not Toboggan, Walrus Way)
Get a Toboggan from the cogs in The Brrgh
Return Toboggan to Toboggan Ted
Visit Bumpy Noggin (Noggin's Toboggan Bargins, Sleet Street)
Fish for 3 Ice Cubes
Return To Bumpy Noggin
Visit Simian Sam (Lowbrow Snowplows, Sleet Street)
Defeat 5 4+ story cogs buildings anywhere
Return to Simian
Visit Henry the Hazzard (Skiing Clinc, Walrus Way)
Defeat 20 level 7+ cogs
Return to Henry

Teleport Access to The Brrgh
Visit Gus Gooseburger (Affordable Goosebumps, Walrus Way)
Gus knows that his friend Phil is mad at him, so he wants you to beat 3 4+ story Cashbot buildings
Return to Gus
Visit Phile (The Frozen Nose, Sleet Street)
Phil says that defeating those cogs will not be enough because he needs his tooth fixed
Visit Dr. Mumbleface (Chatter Teeth, Subzero Dentist, Sleet Street)
Defeat 8 lawbots in The Brrgh
Return to Dr. Mumbleface
Retrieve a gold tooth from the strogest cogs (this rotates between the four types)
Return tooth to Grmpy Phil
Tell Gus that Phil forgives him
Take a loaf of Pine Cone Bread to Grumpy Phil

Final Gag Training
Everyone dreads this task, but you have to do it. You'll think it never ends. The type of cog you need things from will vary, but its always one of the four top cogs (Big Cheese, Big Wig, Robber Baron, or Mr. Hollywood)

Little Old Man (The Blizzard Wizard, Walrus Way)
Defeat 6 The Big Cheese for Lumpy Cheese or Retrieve 6 Cavaiar from Mr. Hollywoods
Return to Little Old Man
Obtain a Simple Spoon from the strongest cogs (it rotates)
Return Simple Spoon to Little Old Man
Catch a talking toad out of the pond
Return to Little Old Man
Visit Sticky George (The Melting Ice Creme Bar, Walrus Way)
retrieve 10 red bean ice creme cones from one of the strongest cogs anywhere (it rotates between the four)
Return to Sticky George
Return an ice creme cone to Little Old Man
Obtain Wig Power from the Big Wigs or Make Up powder from Mr. Hollywoods
Return to Little Old Man
Defeat 20 4+ story cog buildings anywhere
Return to Little Old Man
Fish for a girlfriend for the talking toad
Return to Little Old Man
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Brrrgh info and more
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