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 Donald's Dreamland infor and more

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PostSubject: Donald's Dreamland infor and more   Sun Aug 16, 2009 12:44 pm

Yawn! Welcome to Donald's Dreamland. It's shaped as a giant bed. Donald can be seen sleepwalking endlessly.

There are only 2 streets leading from Dreamland; Lullaby Lane and Pajama Place. These streets are very windy. If you're not careful you can run right into a cog. Street fighting is a bit tougher here, as the cogs are up to level 9 and more likely to gang up against you. Its a very long run to the Cashbot HQ. An alleyway by the House of Zzzz's can help but not by much.

Here is where you finish up the last of your toontasks and acquire a Cashbot suit.

There are two sets of tasks. You get the second set once you complete your cashbot suit.

First set
Cashbot Upper Left Leg Piece
Visit Nat (Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite Exterminators, Pajama Place)
Visit PJ (PJ's Taxi Service, Lullaby Lane) about Cashbot HQ
Defeat 10 Cashbots in Cashbot HQ
Return to PJ
Visit Nat
Retrieve plans from cogs in Cashbot HQ
Return to Nat

Carry 60 gags
Visit Susan Siesta (For Richer or Snorer, Lullaby Lane)
Defeat 8 4+ story buildings in Donald's Dreamland
Return to Susan

+1 Laff
Visit Powers Erge (Light Out Electric, Lullaby Lane)
Defeat 70 cogs in Donald's Dreamland
Return to Powers Erge

Carry 150 Jellybeans
Visit The Countess (Counting Sheep So You Don't Have To, Pajama Place)
Defeat 25 Number Crunchers in Donald's Dreamland
Return to The Countess

+2 laff
Visit Lawful Linda (Wynken, Blynken and Nod Attorney's at Law, Pajama Place)
Get three rods from Bean Counters anywhere
Return to Linda
Get a drive belt from Money Bags anywhere
Return to Linda
Get Pinchers from Penny Pinchers anywhere
Return to Linda

Teleport Access to Donald's Dreamland
Visit Drowsy Dave (Asleep at the Wheel Car Repair, Pajama Place)
Defeat 2 5+ story Cashbot Buildings
Return to Dave in Donald's Dreamland

Cashbot Left Foot Part
Visit William Teller (First Securty Blanket Bank, Pajama Place)
Get a reading Lamp from Cashbots in Donald's Dreamland
Return to William

Cashbot Lower Left Leg Part
Visit Teddy Blair (House of Hibernation, Lullaby Lane)
Defeast 55 Cashbots in Donald's Dreamland
Return to Teddy

+4 laff
Visit Zari (House of Zzzzz's, Pajama Place)
Deliver a Zither to Cowboy George (Sleepless in the Saddle All Night Pony Rides, Pajama Place)
Return to Zari
Deliver a Zamboni to Master Mike (Hit the Sack Fencing School, Pajama Place)
Defeat 70 Cashbots anywhere
Return to Master Mike
Return to Zari
Delivera Zebra-striped Zabuton to Zen Glen (Dream Job Employment Agency, Pajama Place)
Defeat 25 Mover and Shakers anywhere
Return to Zen
Return to Zari
Delive Zinnias to Rose Pedles (Bed of Roses Florist, Pajama Place)
Return to Zari
Deliver Zydeco Records to Wyda Wake (Pillow Flights Nightly, Lullaby Lane)
Deliver Zydeco Records to Lullaby Lou (Crib Notes - Music to Sleep by, Lullaby Lane)
Take a Zucchini and return to Zari
Deliver a Zoot Suit to Babyface MacDougal (Bed Time Stories, Lullaby Lane)
Return to Zari with some Zircon Cufflinks

Cashbot Lower Right Leg Part
Visit Honey Moon (Sleeping Beauty Parlor, Pajama Place)
Visit Ed (Ed's Red Bed Spread, Lullaby Lane) for a blue bed spread
Defeat 30 Number Crunchers in Donald's Dreamland
Return to Ed
Return to Honey Moon
Return Plaid bed spread to Ed
Defeat 65 Cashbots anywhere
Return to Ed
Return to Honey Moon

Cashbot Upper Right Leg Part
Visit Nina Nitelight (Nighstand Furniture Company, Lullaby Lane)
Visit hardy O'Toole (Make Your Bed! Hardware Story, lullaby Lane) to get a bed
Take bed to Nina
Return to Hardy for a fancier bed
Defeat 140 cogs in Donald's Dreamland
Return to Hardy
Return to Nina

Cashbot Right Foot Part
Visit Dreamy Dapne (Cloud Nine Design, Lullaby Lane)
Visit Tex for pillows (Armadillo Pillow Company, Pajama Place)
Return to Daphne
Return to Tex for harder pillows
Defeat 10 3+ story cog buildings anywhere
Return to Tex
Return to Daphne

Cashbot Upper Torso Part
Visit Sandy Sandman (Sandman's Sandwiches, Pajama Place)
Visit Big Mama (Big Mama's Bahama Pajamas, Lullaby Lane)
Return to Sandy with pajamas
Return to Big Mama for pajamas with feet
Return to Sandy
Return to Big Mama for pajamas with feet that are not blue
Visit Cat (Cat's Pajamas, Pajama Place)
Take pajamas to Sandy
Return to Cat's because Sandy does not like puce pajamas
Defeat 5 5+story Cashbot buildings anywhere
Return to Cat
Return to Sandy

Cashbot Pelvis Part
Visit Smudgy Mascara (Curl Up Beauty Parlor, Lullaby Lane)
Visit Rip for Wrinkle Creme (Rip Van Winkle's Wrinkle Creme, Pajama Place)
Fish for cauliflower coral
Return to Rip
Fish for slimp kelp
Return to Rip
Retrieve a pestle from Loan Sharks in Cashbot HQ
Return to Rip
Return to Smudgy

The rest of your Cashbot suit pieces comes from other tasks that do not involve shopkeepers. So I would recommend visiting the Toon HQ's or shop for tasks with the shopkeepers, till you find a task you like.

Second set
Carry 250 jellybeans
Carry 80 gags

Once all these tasks are done, all you need to do is finish the Lawbot suits tasks in The Brrrgh, which involves simply getting an external temperature sensor from cogs on every street in Toontown. After that, you will only be offered the Just for Fun tasks.
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Donald's Dreamland infor and more
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